Gewoon Je Huis

'Gewoon Je Huis' is a documentary based video-installation consisting of 18 televisions that together form a flat (3 x 2,5 meter). Every television is an apartment and you can look directly into the living rooms as if there's no front wall. Behind every door there is a different story. This installation is a multifaceted mirror of our daily existence, full of fragments of human lives. It illustrates that people don't fit into boxes.


  • Length: 45'00 (loop)
  • Director: Anne van Campenhout
  • Camera: Anne van Campenhout
  • Editor: Anne van Campenhout


  • Think Design Play Conference, Hilversum, NL, 09.2011
  • Stefanus Cultuurhuis, Utrecht, NL, 02.2012 - 08.2012