Chickens for Kimaru (Kippen voor Kimaru)

Ten-year-old Kimaru, whose name means 'true entrepreneur', dreams of being an aeronautical engineer. He lives in a slum in Nairobi with his mother and two sisters. Kimaru feels strongly that an education will support his ambition for a better life. When his mother can no longer afford his school's fees, he decides to take fate into his own hands. He apprentices with a local chicken farmer, thinking that he'll be able to sell the eggs at the market. With great determination, Kimaru must learn the true meaning of perseverance, patience and responsibility. Will Kimaru succeed in earning money for tuition and a new school uniform?

'Chickens for Kimaru' is an episode of the series Mensjesrechten (Just Kids) and it's included in the educational program Sirkelslag 2016. Thus, it was screened on 156 Dutch schools and various foreign schools.


  • Length: 15'00
  • Director: Anne van Campenhout
  • Director of photography: Eriss Khajira
  • Editor: Anne van Campenhout
  • Broadcaster: EO-IKON


  • NPO 3, 19.02.2017 (Dutch National Television)


  • Commonwealth Stories on Screen at Gold Coast Film Festival, Gold Coast, Australia, 04.2018
  • EU Human Rights Film Days, Istanbul, Ankara, Giresun, Kars, Turkey, 12.2017
  • Olympia Int. Film Festival, ​Pyrgos and Amaliada, Greece, 12.2017
  • UDADA Film Festival, Nairobi, Kenya, 11.2017
  • The Golden Elephant, Mumbai, India, 11.2017
  • Chicago Int. Children's Film Festival, Chicago, USA, 11.2017
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  • Doc Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel, 10.2017
  • One World Jedensvet, Bratislava, Slovakia, 10.2017
  • Int. Childrens Film Festival Filem’On, Brussels, BE, 10.2017
  • Mumbai Film Festival, Mumbai, India, 10.2017
  • Festival de Cine MÁS, Managua, Nicaragua, 08.2017
  • Toronto Int. Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 04.2017
  • Afrika Filmfestival, Leuven, BE, 04.2017
  • One World Int. Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, 03.2017
  • Int. Film Festival Rotterdam, NL, 01.2017
  • Cinekid Festival, Amsterdam, NL, 10.2016


  • Best Report Award 2017 - Free Press Unlimited